Areas of activity:

providing the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania and institutions under the Ministry with long-term intangible assets (including real estate) and short-term tangible assets as well as administrating them;

processing the data of the immovable property managed, used and disposed of by the Ministry and institutions under the Ministry;

implementing the state policy in the field of circulation of weapons, weapon accessories, ammunition, and parts thereof;

implementing the functions of the central contracting authority of the internal affairs system;

organising the provision of the Ministry and institutions thereunder with vehicles and maintenance of said vehicles;

implementing measures ensuring the safety and health of civil servants and employees working under employment contracts;

centrally managing the accounts of institutions under the Ministry and the accounts of the assets managed, used and disposed of by said institutions and the Ministry;

administering the state pensions of officers and soldiers awarded to former officials of the internal affairs system.